Joseph Giunta: Abstract Art

Joseph Giunta (1911 - 2001) whose career spanned over 70 years was not only known for his Abstract art, but for all of his 4 major styles:  

Even though Joseph Giunta practiced Abstract art for close to 50 years, he began his career as a figuration artist as do most abstract artist. Beginning in 1955 up until his death, Giunta's figuration paintings successively evolved into works of abstract art.

Joseph Giunta Abstract art

Joseph Giunta's abstract art took on different styles and included many mediums such as oil and mixed media.

In his mixed media abstract art paintings Joseph Giunta used everyday found objects and integrated them into his works to make beautiful abstract art collages and assemblages.

Giunta's abstract art included a large number of mixed media collages which incorporate a wide variety of items including string, wire, wood, buttons, nails, metal mesh, felt, hats, jewelry, cardboard, shoes, ceramics, cloth, paper, foil wrappers, peanut shells, candies, plaster, drawings, paints, pastels, charcoals, markers and much more.

As abstract art the function of every object was diverted to the sole benefit of the abstract painting in progress.   Giunta's abstract mixed media collages developed through the successive differentiation of their new parts.   He departed from one element, added a second which called for a third, the relationship of the first three leading to a forth, and so on.

For a complete analysis of the work of Joseph Giunta and his Abstract art see Gestural Abstraction and Mixed Media Collage Abstract Art.

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